Shamu's cousin (hellogamine) wrote in 10daysat_a_time,
Shamu's cousin

Challenge day 2, 8 days remaining.

Girls, watch yourselves. You can poison yourselves by drinking too much water. I found that out the hard way... after drinking about 3.5 litres, I felt unusually fatigued. I went to bed crying and woke up this morning with a killer stomach ache. My body tried to expel whatever was bothering it, but all that came up was... stomach acid. I then spent a couple minutes wondering where the Hell I was. Not fun. I was healthy before starting this insanity, so I can only conclude that I've drank far too much water. I feel so dizzy whenever I get up or stay seated for an extended period of time.

It's hard. So hard. I'm going through a lot in my personal life right now and one of my chief comforts is food. Homie don't play those games no more, so I'm left without a coping mechanism. To those of you who also turn to food in times of stress, what do you do instead of eating?

1 tsp flax seed oil (80 calories) + ½ cup orange juice (60 calories)
6 almonds (60 calories)
½ cup of blueberries (40 calories)
the equvalent of a baked potato. My mom made this awesome potatoe salad with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a few ingredients she won't tell me about as a dressing... I'm guessing the amount I had comes out to about 130 calories.

Total calories consumed = 330.
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