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It's only 10 days....
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Date:2010-11-06 13:05
Subject:10 Days - Round 1

Start Date: 6 November 2010

Current weight: 90 Kg
1st Goal weight: 60 Kg
2nd Goal weight: 55 Kg
3rd Goal weight: 50 Kg
Ultimate Goal weight: 45 Kg

I let myself go. But this will not happen again.

I start today and will report back in 10 day.

I will not fail!

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Date:2010-10-28 06:29
Subject:Day: 4
Mood: angry

Day: 4

Breakfast: Special K Cereal with fat free milk= 140 calories

Snack: 1 small apple= 30 calories

Lunch: Special K Cereal with fat free milk= 140 calories

Dinner= Special K Cereal with fat free milk and kiwi= 140 calories

Water Intake= 1 liter

20 minutes of walking, and 50 jumping jacks= About 180 calories burned

Net cals= 240

Pounds Lost= 5.4

Pounds left till first mini goal= 1.6

I feel so exhausted. Usually diets like this pump me up, but for no luck to day. :/ I just gotta keep my eyes on prize. -stillldolll

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Date:2010-10-27 06:49
Mood: amused

Day: 3

Breakfast: 3/4 cup of Special k with fat free milk= 140 calories

Snack: 1 small apple= 30 calories

Lunch: 7 mini rice cakes and 1 small apple= 55 calories

Dinner= Canned fruit, and a kiwi= 75 calories

Water Intake= 1 Liter

Exercise: 20 minutes of walking and 50 jumping jacks= About 80 calories burned

Weight Lost: 5 pounds

Net calories: 220

So all of my jeans are dirty and I have nothing to wear, or so I thought. I tried on a pair of my always too small to button jeans. I could button them! They're still really tight, but I can frigging button them!!!!! I'm wearing them all day, so I won't feel tempted to mess up. Wish me luck girlies! -stillldolll

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Date:2010-10-26 06:53

Day 2:

Breakfast: 1 whole weat sandwich thin and 2 tbsp's of strawberry jam= 120 calories

Snack: 1 small apple= 30 calories

Lunch: 7 mini rice cakes and 1 small apple= 55 calories

Dinner= Canned fruit, pickles, and Cheerio's= 95 calories

Water Intake= 1.5 Liters

Exercise: 20 minutes of walking, 20 leg lifts per leg, and 50 jumping jacks= About 180 calories burned

Weight Lost: 3 pounds

Net calories: 130

I want to lose at least 4 more pounds in the ten days. That will put me at my first mini goal. If I lose 3 more pounds then that would also be awesome, but any loss is good. :) Oh yeah, in school we have to run the mile today, so that's more exercise. Wish me luck. -stillldolll

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Date:2010-10-24 21:33
Subject:Is this community dead?
Mood: curious

A long time ago on my alternate account I was in this community, but is this community dead? Well I'm to going keep posting. I just wrote down all of the food that I plan on consuming tomorrow and all of the exercise I plan on doing. 400 calories exactly with 150 calories burned. I think that sounds good. I also took all of my measurements and weighed myself. I'll let all you know if there's a loss. Sorry if my English is bad. -Taylor

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Date:2009-07-05 21:38
Mood: disappointed

havent been around for the last week coz iv been on holiday with some friends.
while on holiday i thought i was doing well... i couldnt eat any of the puddigs as im allergic to nuts so i was limited to salad and bread. However we went out every night and drank tones of alcohol ..... weghed myself and have ganed almost 3 lbs... im so dissapointed i lost it all for the holiday and now have put it back on =[

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Date:2009-06-25 21:46
Subject:day 3
Mood: sick

riveta and cheese- 90 cal
porck chop, salad and a jacket potato- 165.8
total- 255.8
this is my best day yet XD

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Date:2009-06-25 12:35
Subject:day 2

riveta adn some cheese- 90 cal
yougot- 116 cal
dinner- 200 cal
total- 406
not bad right?
my friend asked if i wanted to go out and i manged to drink my wight in alcohol UHHH!

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Date:2009-06-23 22:52
Subject:10 days......

Going to start tomorrow, as i work full time, i have no time to eat! perfect! love it, so work gives me food and the only thing they have which is low on calories is toast, so im gona eat that for my 5 working days and see how i go!

GW1: 120

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Date:2009-06-23 18:46
Subject:second day...
Mood: good

today iv had
yougut- 106 cal
soup - 140 cal
dinner around 133 cal
total- 379
also walkeround town for a few hours so burning 440 cals =]

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Date:2009-06-22 19:10
Mood: fat

hey, i havent posted here before so sorry if i get this wrong!
hight- 5'3
cw- 119
gw1- 115
gw2- 110
ugw- 100

so today iv had
cerial- 150
dinner- some chicken pie - 250
total- 400
iv kept within the limit right? is this a 300 cal a day or 400 al a day? =/

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Date:2009-06-18 01:34
Subject:An open invitation.

I'll be re-taking this challenge on 20.06.09 Would anybody like to join me?

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Date:2009-06-15 08:16

Cut for discussion of food.Collapse )

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Date:2009-06-15 16:59
Subject:Day 2/10
Mood: gloomy

Food intake:
2 slices of white bread (156calories)
low fat cheese (cant remember lol I think it was 60?)
coke zero (1 calorie)

Thats all for today :) Praise would be nice lol xDD If not I know I've done good anyway :)
ONTO DAY 3 NOW!! woooooooop :)

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Date:2009-06-14 01:52
Subject:Challenge Day 4, 6 days remaining.

In a fit of desperation early this morning I rubbed strongly flavoured condiments (like tamari and yellow mustard) along my tongue. The hunger pains slowly diminished, until they became a mere dull ache in the pit of my stomach. I also discovered that attempting to purge (I don't have a gag reflex) makes me feel much less hungry. Drinking moderate amounts of water and herbal teas help stave off the pangs, too. I accomplished a lot today surprisingly: I took care of some business, responded to a couple e-mails, did my taxes (yes they're 1 month overdue), created a database for the stuff I'm selling and got some studying in there too. Now to go to bed so I can get up early tomorrow and accomplish even more! Food occupies so much of my time.. so many wasted hours.

Food log for 13.06.09Collapse )

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Date:2009-06-14 10:21

Hi guys xoxo new to the community, Im just wondering if anyone wants to chat? Send me a message and add me as a friend <3
Be strong lovelys oxoxo

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Date:2009-06-13 02:05
Subject:Challenge day 3, 7 days remaining.

Today started off with more vomiting. Hurray. I'm woozy and exhausted. This is stupid. The stress of this constant, gnawing HUNGER is exacerbating my acne. I'm hurting myself but I just can't stop. I ate almost to the point of satiety today, and felt so disgusted with myself I rammed a long knitting needle down my throat, trying in vain to correct my error. When the dry heaves subsided I popped Kathy Smith's yoga challenge D.V.D. into the player, turned it off halfway through, then walked (hadn't the energy for much else) around a local track for about 10 laps. Please pardon the T.M.I., I do tend to carry on, dears.

Food log and calorie count for 12.06.09Collapse )

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Date:2009-06-12 06:12
Subject:Challenge day 2, 8 days remaining.

Girls, watch yourselves. You can poison yourselves by drinking too much water. I found that out the hard way... after drinking about 3.5 litres, I felt unusually fatigued. I went to bed crying and woke up this morning with a killer stomach ache. My body tried to expel whatever was bothering it, but all that came up was... stomach acid. I then spent a couple minutes wondering where the Hell I was. Not fun. I was healthy before starting this insanity, so I can only conclude that I've drank far too much water. I feel so dizzy whenever I get up or stay seated for an extended period of time.

It's hard. So hard. I'm going through a lot in my personal life right now and one of my chief comforts is food. Homie don't play those games no more, so I'm left without a coping mechanism. To those of you who also turn to food in times of stress, what do you do instead of eating?

Food log and calorie count for 11.06.09Collapse )

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Date:2009-06-11 05:29
Subject:Challenge day 1, 9 days remaining.

It was difficult and all I could think of was food, but the mantra "nothing tastes as good as thin feels" kept floating around in my head.

Calories consumed: 272.5
Water intake: about 2 litres.

Food logCollapse )

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Date:2009-06-10 04:54
Subject:A new challenger is approaching!

Hi ladies, how are all of you?

Today's my first day of the 400 cal. challenge. Calorie counting is difficult because I don't eat very much pre-packaged food. The most I can do is scale back the amount of oils I cook with, and eliminate nuts, seeds, bananas and avocadoes (which I don't eat anyways). I plan on eating less beans and grains and cutting back on the soy products, too. I'll go back to my normal eating habits after succeeding.

To help me succeed, I'll be filling 4 710 mL water bottles to capacity every morning, and going to bed when I finish the last drop. Does anyone have any idea of how to ensure your metabolism doesn't slow down?

Stats and stuff.Collapse )

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