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It's only 10 days....

Together we will do it!

The 10 day 400 cal challange
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One day when I was feeling the desire for a binge I came up with the following to keep me strong....

I came up with the 10-day challenge and invited anyone who wanted to, to join me.

To make it a little more fun I acquired 5 new copies of ‘second star to the right’ by D Hautzig and a load of Ana bracelets to offer as prizes to all those who succeeded.

Basically was a 10 day restriction, under 400 cal’s a day for the 10 days, if you wanted to make it less you can but the max was 400 cal’s.

I will post a comment in my personal journal each day for anyone taking part to update each other on their progress.

To successfully complete the challenge you had to:

1) eat no more than 400 cal’s on each of the 10 days
2) sign up for the challenge in my journal
3) Respond to at least 4 of the day posts in my journal during the 10 days updating on your progress.
4) Register your success on the day 11 post in my journal.

The first five successful posts on day 11 were sent a copy of the book all others were be sent a bracelet.

this did give us all a little more motivation against the dreaded binge.

The challenge was so successful we decided to start up as community and once again we ask others to join us.

[if you want to see how it went the first time see my journal, (anamiame)]

I will add in here the date for the start of each new challenge but feel free to join in as you can.

I still have a few copies of the book and lots more bracelets for those joining in the next challenge! :O)
The rules will be the same but update in here.