Shamu's cousin (hellogamine) wrote in 10daysat_a_time,
Shamu's cousin


Well, I failed. I failed for the most stupid reason, too: I misplaced the notebook I was using to count my calories. After a fruitless search around the house for it I just shrugged and used a piece of scrap paper to record my food intake and calories. I found it again, and saw that I had gone overboard by 30 calories. 30! The culprit? A portobello mushroom.

Here's what I ate on the subsequent binge: walnut pieces, crackers, a banana, grapes, a portobello mushroom, zucchini slices, soup and half a red pepper. All vegetables were prepared on a BBQ grill and smothered in olive oil. I won't lie, it was delicious. Before that I ate: 5 lychees, 6 Brazil nuts, a cup of homemade veggie soup (recipe to be posted in my journal), 60 mL of Strawberry, Passion, Awareness Fruitopia.

I want to try this again. I'll be fasting today and tomorrow as penance for yesterday's transgressions. Depending on what's happening in your life, you should join me. Comment with what start dates would be good for you. We can do this together! <3
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