Shamu's cousin (hellogamine) wrote in 10daysat_a_time,
Shamu's cousin

Challenge Day 4, 6 days remaining.

In a fit of desperation early this morning I rubbed strongly flavoured condiments (like tamari and yellow mustard) along my tongue. The hunger pains slowly diminished, until they became a mere dull ache in the pit of my stomach. I also discovered that attempting to purge (I don't have a gag reflex) makes me feel much less hungry. Drinking moderate amounts of water and herbal teas help stave off the pangs, too. I accomplished a lot today surprisingly: I took care of some business, responded to a couple e-mails, did my taxes (yes they're 1 month overdue), created a database for the stuff I'm selling and got some studying in there too. Now to go to bed so I can get up early tomorrow and accomplish even more! Food occupies so much of my time.. so many wasted hours.

1 celery stick with yellow mustard (why bother? Celery is postulated to be a "negative calorie food", meaning it requires more energy for the body to digest than it gives. In any case, that's only 6 calories. Yellow mustard is 0 calories.)

1 extra large Earl Grey tea from Tim Hortons
1 cup of pepperment tea
1.5 litres of water
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