Shamu's cousin (hellogamine) wrote in 10daysat_a_time,
Shamu's cousin

Challenge day 3, 7 days remaining.

Today started off with more vomiting. Hurray. I'm woozy and exhausted. This is stupid. The stress of this constant, gnawing HUNGER is exacerbating my acne. I'm hurting myself but I just can't stop. I ate almost to the point of satiety today, and felt so disgusted with myself I rammed a long knitting needle down my throat, trying in vain to correct my error. When the dry heaves subsided I popped Kathy Smith's yoga challenge D.V.D. into the player, turned it off halfway through, then walked (hadn't the energy for much else) around a local track for about 10 laps. Please pardon the T.M.I., I do tend to carry on, dears.

17 saltine crackers, 180 calories
50 mL Natur-a flavoured soymilk, about 30 calories
4 celery stalks, about 24 calories
Veggie hot dog, 80 calories
20 raspberries, 20 calories

Total calories consumed = 334.
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